How Bad is Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Prince George’s County?

How Bad is Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Prince George’s County?

How Bad is Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Prince George’s County?

Whether you’re traveling to Aquasco in Prince George’s County or living there, there’s likely one major question on your mind. How bad is the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Prince George’s County?

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, Prince George’s County has had 28,053 confirmed cases, 801 deaths, and 3,860 hospitalizations. As of June 2020, Prince George was in the top 50 most affected counties in the US. So how is the county taking precautions? Where can you get tested? And what facilities are open?

Full Phase 2 Reopening in Prince George’s County

Though many areas in the US are moving on to phases three and four of reopenings, Prince George’s County is playing it safe. They cautiously entered a full Phase 2 reopening on June 29th. What does that mean?

What Facilities are Open?

Fitness centers and gyms are open for indoor exercise, but there are several restrictions in place to keep you safe. There can only be one person per 200 square feet of workout space. And the gym maxes out at 50% of its original capacity. Anyone who works at a fitness center has to wear personal protective equipment and maintain a safe distance from others. Employees will clean all frequently touched surfaces every two hours.

What about shopping? Retail stores and shopping malls follow many of the same guidelines as fitness centers and gyms. Except they can have one person per 100 square feet.

Some recreation centers have opened too! So if you miss playing mini-golf, shooting pool, or visiting the indoor skating rink, you’ll get to enjoy these facilities again. Of course, they’ll limit their capacity to 50%. And they’ll follow CDC guidelines. So you and your family can have fun and stay safe!

What else is open?

  • Salons and barbershops
  • Places of worship
  • Car washes
  • Childcare facilities
  • Low-contact outdoor youth sports

What if you’re still concerned about a particular facility you’d like to visit? Give them a call and ask what they’re doing to comply with COVID-19 regulations and guidelines before you go.

Which Businesses Are Still Closed?

The nature of certain businesses makes following COVID-19 regulations difficult. The following businesses are still closed during Phase 2 of reopening.

  • Concerts
  • County Government Buildings
  • Night Clubs and Bars
  • Indoor Pools
  • Theaters
  • Senior Centers

How to Get Tested for COVID-19 in Prince George’s County

The Health Department is working hard to keep the residents of Prince George’s County safe. They do this by offering free Coronavirus tests to everyone whether they have symptoms or not. The Health Department offers tests at the following sites.

Although the pandemic has definitely hit Prince George pretty hard, the county is taking steps to keep its residents safe. And Prince George’s County is cautiously working towards recovery. For the latest information, visit the COVID-19 Related County Closures and Updates page.

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