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Kids Love the William Schmidt Outdoor Education Center in Brandywine

Kids Love the William Schmidt Outdoor Education Center in Brandywine

Schmidt Center in Brandywine
The Schmidt Center in Brandywine

Growing up in the digital age, most kids today have become skilled in their use of technology. They’re social media experts. And they know their smartphones inside and out. But when it comes to outdoor experiences, they might not be as comfortable or knowledgeable. The William Schmidt Outdoor Education Center in Brandywine is designed to help with that.

But why is it important to help your kids become more comfortable outside? Getting enough sunlight is good for their growing minds and bodies. Outdoor play keeps them active, which helps children stay healthy. And being outside in nature helps relieve stress and increase focus. Do you want your kid to experience those benefits? Then you and your family might enjoy the William Schmidt Outdoor Education Center.

About the William Schmidt Outdoor Education Center in Brandywine

Camp Schmidt sits on 450.6 acres of land. And it focuses on environmental education. In a fun and meaningful way, the William Schmidt Outdoor Education Center helps kids develop a love for the outdoors while learning how to take good care of the environment. They provide programs for many different grade levels.

First Graders at the Schmidt Center in Brandywine

First graders get to take a day trip to the Schmidt Center. They learn about soils, tree ages and species, local birds, insects, and animal tracks. And they’re not learning all this from a PowerPoint. Small groups of students take turns learning in native gardens and outdoor classrooms, a great environment for learning about the environment!

The Famous 5th Grade Field Trip

At the heart of the Schmidt program is the 5th-grade overnight trip. These field trips are held at the Hard Bargain Farm or the Schmidt Center. What activities and classes will your 5th grader participate in on this trip?

  • Stream Ecology
  • Orienting Challenge
  • Woodland Ecology
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Building
  • Confidence Course
  • Dropping in on Deer

All of this is taught by an Instructional Specialist. But it’s not all work and no play for your little ones. They’ll also enjoy a campfire and wagon ride. Teachers and parents are welcome to come too.

Middle School and High School Trips

The Schmidt Center isn’t just for little ones. Middle school and high school clubs centered around environmental awareness are welcome to plan an overnight stay. They can enjoy team building activities and opportunities to learn about environmental sciences.

Programs at the Schmidt Center in Brandywine

The William S. Schmidt Outdoor Education Center also provides a variety of special training programs. These include:

  • School Gardens
  • Storm Drain Stenciling
  • Rain Barrels
  • Green Schools
  • Bridging the Watershed Training
  • And More!

The Schmidt Center’s goal aligns with Maryland’s Environmental Literacy Initiative. They aim to help students learn about their own impact on the environment and what they can to protect it.

Find the William Schmidt Outdoor Education Center

Why do kids love the Schmidt Center? It’s a fun place to experience the outdoors. And it helps kids become more environmentally conscious. Do you want your kids to develop a love for nature? The Schmidt Center is a great place to start!

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Top 2 Places to Take a Day Trip Near Aquasco

Top 2 Places to Take a Day Trip Near Aquasco

There are a lot of great places to take a day trip near Aquasco, Maryland! Why should you take a day trip? It’s a vacation without the hassle of lengthy travel times and expensive hotels. These towns are less than a half-hour drive from Aquasco. And they’re full of fun things to do!

What to Do in Waldorf, Maryland

take a day trip near aquasco waldorf md

Dr. Samuel A Mudd House Museum

If you’re spending the day in Waldorf, there’s one historical site that you won’t want to miss. The Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House Museum was home to the doctor who helped an injured John Wilkes Booth the day after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. This historic house has since been turned into a museum. Visitors love the interesting facts, historical atmosphere, and knowledgeable tour guides.

There’s an $8 admission fee for people ages 13 and up. Admission is $2 for kids between the ages of 6 and 12. And it’s free for any child 5 years old and younger.

The next stop on our trip is the BlueDyer distilling company. You can take a tour or stop by for one of their events. Some past events include:

  • Pre-Valentine’s Day Brunch
  • Soul Food and Spirits Dinner
  • Aw Shucks! An Oyster Extravaganza
  • Paint Your Own Ukelele
  • March Madness Hog Roast and Cocktails

Don’t forget to check their event calendar before you go to get the most out of your visit. And on your way out, you can stop by the gift shop and grab a souvenir. They sell Blue Dyer T-shirts, beanies, shot glasses, flasks, and more.

Directions From Aquasco to Waldorf

Family Fun in Upper Marlboro, MD

take a day trip near aquasco Marlboro md

Watkins Regional Park

If you’re looking for a park that has it all, visit Watkins Regional Park in Upper Marlboro. It includes Old Maryland Farm, which features beautiful gardens, exhibits, and livestock. If you grew up in the area, you might have visited as a part of a field trip to teach children about agricultural farming. You can watch farm demos, enjoy a hayride, or host children’s parties there. Not only is it educational, but it also offers plenty of volunteer opportunities.

Other things you can enjoy at the park include:

  • Watkins Tennis Bubble
  • Watkins Antique Carousel and Train
  • Miniature Golf
  • Watkins Nature Center
  • Camping
  • Ball fields

Do you want a taste of local food, drinks, and crafts? You can find all that and more at the Dutch Village Farmers Market. The market has 13 vendors that provide locally sourced meats and cheeses, local fruits and veggies, and even fudge and candy. Check out the craft stand if you’re looking to add some unique Amish crafted furniture to your home.

Directions from Aquasco to Upper Marlboro

Fun Day Trips Near Aquasco MD

You need a vacation. But you don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking extra days off work, traveling long distances, and packing for a hotel stay. So what can you do? Take a day trip near Aquasco! There are plenty of places to visit, adventures to be had, things to see, and foods to eat! Upper Marlboro and Waldorf are our favorites. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun these towns have to offer.

If you’re a local and you’re looking for a place to buy high-quality meats and cheeses, read our next post! Great artisanal cheese is just one of the reasons you should visit the P.A. Bowen Farmstead in Aquasco.

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Why You Should Visit the P. A. Bowen Farmstead in Aquasco

Why You Should Visit the P. A. Bowen Farmstead in Aquasco

Are you looking for high-quality meats and cheeses? Then going to the nearest Aquasco grocery store might not cut it. If you’re concerned about how the animals are treated or if you want to know what they’re fed and how they’re cared for, P. A. Bowen Farmstead might be just what you’re looking for.

Animal Care at P. A. Bowen Farmstead in Aquasco

A Herd of Jersey Cows on Aquasco Farm

P. A. Bowen Farmstead is committed to providing great care for their animals. This farm uses an old-fashioned rotational grazing technique that helps maintain good soil and good quality feed for all its livestock. What kind of animals are on the farm?

  • Jersey Cows
  • Pigs
  • Chickens

The animals are given a home and environment that keeps them healthy. The herd of Jersey cows is moved to a new pasture each day. And the pasture they leave behind is given to the chickens so they can roam freely. The pigs enjoy a forested section of the property. P. A. Bowen Farmstead in Aquasco never uses pesticides, hormones, herbicides, or growth-enhancers. And antibiotics are only used if absolutely necessary.

The chickens are fed non-GMO grains. And the whey leftover from the cheese-making process is used as a source of protein. The pigs are given the same diet, but it’s supplemented by nuts and roots that they find in the forest.

What do they do with all the cow manure? They use it to increase the fertility of the soil. Instead of letting manure and whey become waste, P. A. Bowen Farmstead uses it to the full.

What Can You Buy at P. A. Bowen Farmstead?

The heart of this farm is its artisan cheese. So what should you try if you’re visiting P. A. Bowen Farmstead for the first time? The Chesapeake Cheddar Reserve is a good choice! It’s a favorite of the American Cheese Society and the Los Angeles International Dairy Competition. In 2020, the Chesapeake Cheddar Reserve earned 3rd place in the World Championship Cheese Contest (the category was Natural Rinded Cheddar).

The Chesapeake Cheddar Reserve is hand-milled. Fresh milk from their Jersey cows is used for this cheese. Then it’s wrapped in cloth and sealed with lard before the aging process begins. And the lard used is from their own pigs. It’s non-GMO and free of soy and corn. This process produces a traditional English-style cheddar.

What else can you buy at the farm?

  • Pasteurized Chicken
  • Pasteurized Eggs
  • Pasteurized Pork
  • Pasteurized Beef
  • Natural Raw Milk for Pets
  • Artisan Raw Milk Farmstead Cheese

Events and Tours of this Aquasco Farm

P. A. Bowen Farmstead in Aquasco

The farm is a beautiful setting for a wedding or other special event. You can have up to 150 guests at the farmhouse. And 40 at the Manor house for smaller celebrations. You can even take a tour of the farm!

So what should you know about the P. A. Bown Farmstead in Aquasco? The animals are well-cared for, the food products are non-GMO, and they sell award-winning artisan cheese. You can host a special event there or even take a tour. Enjoy discovering this gem!

Looking for more outdoor fun? Kids love the William Schmidt Outdoor Education Center in Brandywine! Find out why in our next post.

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Why Visit the Villa De Alpacas Farm in Aquasco

Why Visit the Villa De Alpacas Farm in Aquasco

alpacas in aquasco

Alpaca Farm in Aquasco

Are you getting ready for winter? You might be stocking up on socks and sweaters, planning for cozy nights under a warm blanket with your favorite book. But what’s the best fabric for coziness? You might be surprised to learn that alpaca wool is warmer than sheep wool. It has more space in each fiber, allowing it to trap more heat in the fabric. But where can you get alpaca products? At Villa De Alpacas Farm in Aquasco!

How Aquasco Became Home to an Alpaca Farm

Villa De Alpacas Farm has a rich history. It’s been in the same family for five generations which amount to over 200 years! In the 1800s, the land that’s now an Alpaca farm was used to raise horses and grow tobacco. The Victorian-style home that still graces the property was built in 1877. But by the time the property was passed down to Angel Simmons, the current owner, everything was falling apart.

Angel set out to save her family farm. She thought about growing ginseng, organic produce, flowers, tea, even mushrooms. But in 1996, she decided to turn the property into an alpaca and llama farm. And now the farm is self-sustaining again.

Simmons has become an alpaca farm advocate! You can use her site as a resource to learn all about alpaca care. She has articles about basic health care, gestation tables, parasite treatment, subcutaneous injections, and more. And she offers her experience and guidance to those who want to start their own alpaca farms.

About the Herd

There are many different types of alpacas and llamas. Angel Simmons chose to raise Huacaya alpaca, Suri alpaca, and Suri llamas. The herd is well cared for on this Aquasco farm. They have beautiful coats that Simmons shears every year in the Spring.

Alpaca Products in Aquasco

fabric in aquasco

Alpaca Products in Aquasco

What can you buy at Villa De Alpacas Farm in Aquasco? Their products include:

  • Plush toys
  • Blankets
  • Throws
  • Scarves
  • Shawls
  • Sweaters
  • Vests

Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic and it doesn’t have the prickly texture of sheep wool. It’ll keep you much warmer too! And alpaca wool has more effective moisture-wicking properties. 

What’s the best way to care for your alpaca products? Wash them in your machine on its gentlest cycle and make sure to use cold water. Then do a cold rinse with shampoo/conditioner instead of soap. You can even put it in the dryer when you’re done, but Villa De Alpacas Farm recommends that you use a lot of dryer sheets and no heat.

Visitors Love This Aquasco Family Farm

Many families love visiting the farm to watch the alpacas and llamas. Visitors enjoy the inviting atmosphere and reasonably priced products. Plus, hot cider and homemade baked goods are served on the back porch to add a little extra coziness. You can tour the house and land and learn more about Villa De Alpacas Farm’s history. It’s a great place to relax, bring the kids, and pick up some beautiful alpaca products for the winter season.

Are you looking for a great place to take a day trip near Aquasco? Then you’ll enjoy reading our next post.

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3 Reasons Your Daughter Will Love Aquasco’s Girl Scout Camp

3 Reasons Your Daughter Will Love Aquasco’s Girl Scout Camp

Is your daughter adventurous and outdoorsy? Has she always wanted to be a Girls Scout? Aquasco has a beautiful Girl Scout camp that children love! What’s so great about it?

Camp Aquasco sits on about 172 acres of woods and open fields. There’s a lodge, a glen shelter unit, and space for tent camping. Your troop can have picnics, campfires in the designated fire pits, explore some trails, or even put on a performance at the amphitheater. Cookout and Campout qualified adults can make a reservation online for their troop to stay at this awesome site.

But there’s so much more to love about Camp Aquasco. Here are three reasons your daughter will enjoy this site with her troop.

1. High Adventure Activities at Camp Aquasco

High adventures allow your kids to experience even more activities in a safe environment with a trained adult. Girl Scouts can learn to shoot a bow and arrow, paddle a canoe, or go through an obstacle course in the trees. These challenging adventures help kids build confidence!

At Camp Aquasco, the girls can learn to use tomahawks and slingshots.

2. Camp Aquasco Troop Camping

What else can you do at camp? Core camping is a fun way for troops to enjoy the camp without having to plan activities or food. Instead, volunteers and teens organize and set everything up for the weekend.

The girls might also enjoy participating in Girl Scout Service Projects. The kids can work on projects to improve Camp Aquasco. And they can even earn awards for their work! These activities help kids to develop a volunteer spirit and become more community-oriented. And it helps keep the camp beautiful for everyone! Here are some possible Girl Scout Service Projects.

  • Wood Warriors
  • Sop Moppers
  • Program Police
  • Dirt Busters
  • Hazard Hunters
  • Bush Whackers
  • Nature Identifiers
  • Brush Brigade
  • Blissful Biffys

3. Summer Day and Evening Camps

If your camper is not quite ready for sleepaway camp, this is a great alternative. It’s designed for a wide variety of ages, kids grades K-12. The staff is made up of volunteers who work hard to prepare a beautiful program of activities and events for your kids. At this camp, kids participate in all the activities during the day and then go home at night to sleep. They return the next day for more fun at camp!

Parents can join the fun! You are welcome to join in and participate in camp activities with your little one. The camp can last 1-2 weeks. And it can host 60 to 350 campers. This will give your children plenty of opportunities to make friends.

The Girls Scout mission is to help girls build confidence, courage, and character. And these girls are encouraged to use their skills, knowledge, and talents to make the world a better place. After all, G.I.R.L. stands for go-getter, innovator, risk-taker, and leader. If that sounds like the kind of girl you want your daughter to be, Camp Aquasco is a great place to start!

What other outdoorsy things can you do nearby? Visit the Villa De Alpacas Farm in Aquasco!

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How Bad is Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Prince George’s County?

How Bad is Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Prince George’s County?

Whether you’re traveling to Aquasco in Prince George’s County or living there, there’s likely one major question on your mind. How bad is the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Prince George’s County?

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, Prince George’s County has had 28,053 confirmed cases, 801 deaths, and 3,860 hospitalizations. As of June 2020, Prince George was in the top 50 most affected counties in the US. So how is the county taking precautions? Where can you get tested? And what facilities are open?

Full Phase 2 Reopening in Prince George’s County

Though many areas in the US are moving on to phases three and four of reopenings, Prince George’s County is playing it safe. They cautiously entered a full Phase 2 reopening on June 29th. What does that mean?

What Facilities are Open?

Fitness centers and gyms are open for indoor exercise, but there are several restrictions in place to keep you safe. There can only be one person per 200 square feet of workout space. And the gym maxes out at 50% of its original capacity. Anyone who works at a fitness center has to wear personal protective equipment and maintain a safe distance from others. Employees will clean all frequently touched surfaces every two hours.

What about shopping? Retail stores and shopping malls follow many of the same guidelines as fitness centers and gyms. Except they can have one person per 100 square feet.

Some recreation centers have opened too! So if you miss playing mini-golf, shooting pool, or visiting the indoor skating rink, you’ll get to enjoy these facilities again. Of course, they’ll limit their capacity to 50%. And they’ll follow CDC guidelines. So you and your family can have fun and stay safe!

What else is open?

  • Salons and barbershops
  • Places of worship
  • Car washes
  • Childcare facilities
  • Low-contact outdoor youth sports

What if you’re still concerned about a particular facility you’d like to visit? Give them a call and ask what they’re doing to comply with COVID-19 regulations and guidelines before you go.

Which Businesses Are Still Closed?

The nature of certain businesses makes following COVID-19 regulations difficult. The following businesses are still closed during Phase 2 of reopening.

  • Concerts
  • County Government Buildings
  • Night Clubs and Bars
  • Indoor Pools
  • Theaters
  • Senior Centers

How to Get Tested for COVID-19 in Prince George’s County

The Health Department is working hard to keep the residents of Prince George’s County safe. They do this by offering free Coronavirus tests to everyone whether they have symptoms or not. The Health Department offers tests at the following sites.

Although the pandemic has definitely hit Prince George pretty hard, the county is taking steps to keep its residents safe. And Prince George’s County is cautiously working towards recovery. For the latest information, visit the COVID-19 Related County Closures and Updates page.

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