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The Best Public School Serving Brandywine

The Best Public School Serving Brandywine

best public school serving brandywine

The Academy of Health Sciences Serving Brandywine

Most parents understand the challenges of finding a good public school. Your children should receive the best education. But finding a school with a good academic record, great teachers, and reasonable classroom sizes is difficult. Are you and your family planning a move to Brandywine? Then you’re probably researching the schools in the area. You’re likely wondering:

  • What are the best public schools serving Brandywine?
  • About how many students does each teacher care for?
  • What do other parents have to say about these schools?

Only you can determine which school is the best fit for your children. But here’s a breakdown of the best public schools serving Brandywine to help in your research.

The Academy of Health Sciences Public School Serves Brandywine

The top-rated school on our list is the Academy of Health Sciences, which is located about 25 minutes from Brandywine. What makes this school so special? It’s the first Middle College High School in Largo, MD. That means that students graduate from 12th grade with their High School Diploma and an Associate Degree in General Studies.

This magnet school serves kids grades 9-12 and focuses on health sciences. So if your children are interested in working in the healthcare industry, this school will be a good fit for them. It’ll give them a jump start on their higher education. And it’ll start them on a path towards a meaningful career.

The Best Academic Record of Schools Serving Brandywine

The Academy of Health Sciences has about 24 students per teacher, which is around the national average. But the quality of the education these students receive is anything but average. 95% of students attending this school are proficient in math. That’s much higher than the 32% average math proficiency rate in the US. And 92% of these kids are proficient in reading too. The numbers speak for themselves.

What Students Say About The Academy

“Because the school is so small, the counselors and teachers are able to interact with each student. As well, the school prepares you for college by slowly introducing you to the type of work and dedication it takes to succeed in college.”

Student, Senior

“I really enjoy the classes in the school. The teachers are great and are passionate about their subject as well as their students. There are many resources available to everyone, which is nice to have.”

Student, Senior

Most students who have attended the Academy of Health Sciences appreciated the education they received and enjoyed the experience! But there are some challenges that students face. The Academy is a dual-enrollment program, so the course load is heavy. Because of that, this school doesn’t offer clubs or sports. Some might feel they’re missing out on some of the high school experience.

So why is the Academy of Health Sciences the best public school serving Brandywine? It allows kids to earn an Associate Degree along with their High School Diploma. Kids receive a high-quality education from supportive staff and teachers. And hardworking students love the challenge! Would your kid enjoy the unique education provided by the Academy of Health Sciences?

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The 3 Best Restaurants in Brandywine

The 3 Best Restaurants in Brandywine

Are you tired of cooking? Pasta is easy to make, but most of us can only eat it every night for so long before we’re ready for a change. There are a variety of restaurants in Brandywine to choose from. There’s Indian food, Japanese food, seafood. Whatever your tastebuds are craving, you’ll find it here.

But maybe you’re hesitant to visit a restaurant right now. Are you concerned about whether or not local restaurants are following COVID-19 regulations? Below are our three favorite restaurants in Brandywine along with options that you have to enjoy their food from a safe distance.

The Best Indian Food in Brandywine

Indian Restaurant in Brandywine

Indish in Brandywine

The most highly-rated restaurant in Brandywine is Indish, an exotic Indian restaurant and bar. You might think this tiny Maryland town couldn’t possibly be home to an authentic Indian restaurant. But Indish is the real deal. All the spices they use to cook are natural and imported from India. They also have several vegetarian options.

Indish describes it’s fare as home-style Indian cooking. And the warm and welcoming staff makes you feel like you’re visiting a friend’s house for dinner. What unique dishes can you order there?

  • Boti Kabab
  • Fish Pakora
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Paneer Shashlik Kababs
  • Palak Chat
  • Kashmiri Pakora
  • And More!

Visit Indish

Indish isn’t currently offering a dine-in experience because of COVID-19, but you can still enjoy their tasty dishes through curbside pickup or no-contact delivery.

Brandywine’s Favorite Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Restaurant in Brandywine

Bonefish Grill in Brandywine

If you love seafood, Brandywine has a great restaurant for you. Visitors love Bonefish Grill for its delicious fresh seafood and friendly staff. Here are some crowd favorites:

  • Bang Bang Shrimp
  • Wood-Grilled Salmon
  • Baja Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa
  • Grilled Mahi

Visit Bonefish Grill

To comply with COVID-19 regulations, Bonefish Grill makes sure none of its staff works while sick. They frequently clean touch surfaces. And all employees where a face covering while working. You can dine-in, but the seating is limited. Curbside pickup and delivery are also available.

Traditional Japanese Fare in Brandywine

Japanese Food in Brandywine

Hanabi Japanese Grill and Bar in Brandywine

To round out our culinary world tour in Brandywine, restaurant number three on our list makes traditional Japanese food. Hanabi Japanese Grill and Bar great food and a warm environment. Though a sushi craving might get you in the door, their specialty rolls will make you want to stay. And visitors love their cocktails.

What Japanese dishes can you order here?

  • Sushi
  • Hanabi Roll
  • Phoenix Roll
  • Hibachi
  • And more!

Visit Hanabi Japanese Grill and Bar

Hanabi’s doors are open for dining in, but they are limiting table sizes to 6 people to comply with COVID-19 regulations. Takeout and Delivery are also available.

Are you visiting Brandywine and looking for a great place to eat? Are you a local who’s tired of cooking? Either way, you’ll find a wide range of restaurants to choose from. Whether you like seafood, Indian food, Japanese food, or something else, you’ll love the dining options in Brandywine.

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